What an amazing show of support we had at last week’s seminar at Dynamic Earth.

In conjunction with the Scottish Safety Patient Programme, FEAT hosted an awareness seminar to mark World Sepsis Day.

Attended by NHS professionals, we welcomed Mr Jamie Hepburn MSP Minster for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health who said “Sepsis affects many, many patients every year across the world, and it’s estimated that at least 2,000 Scots die from it annually. In Scotland we are working hard to reduce mortality in hospitals. The best figures have shown a reduction in mortality from sepsis of 20 per cent in recent years.

“We know that improving the recognition and treatment of patients with sepsis will help us to reduce this even further. Since 2012, the Scottish Patient Safety Programme has been supporting teams to improve their recognition of sepsis and deliver six simple interventions which, when delivered within an hour of recognition, will improve survival for these patients. We are building on our results to date and spreading this work wherever it can benefit patients.”
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